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Junk Sweeper #1 Junk & Shed Removal Company South Metro Atlanta


 Locally owned and operated, Junk Sweepers is your number one Shed Demolition company in Metro Atlanta. We also offer these other services:

Shed Demolition

We clean out, tear down, and completely remove any small structure safely so you can start fresh and clean.

Complete Clean Out

From hoarders to past tenants. Junk Sweepers will clean out anything. Just point the way and we will get to work.

Hot Tub Removal

Any size, any where, Junk Sweepers will tear down and remove any type of hot tub or jacuzzi in one day.

Yard Clearing

Got a mess in your yard? Junk Sweepers will be there to clear out leaves, building materials, brush, and much more.

Commercial Clean Out

Are you a realtor or a business needing professional clean out and removal Service? Junk Sweepers will be there in a flash.

Residential Clean Out

Downsizing, Spring Cleaning, Garage Clean out, Post Yard Sale pick up - Junk Sweepers has same day service.

Help us Keep America Clean

Junk Sweepers is partners with environmental safety and recycling companies all over Georgia to insure your waste is properly disposed of. 

Partnering with Various Sectors


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